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Providence, RI


Feed Your Nerves


From teas to tinctures.  Candles to body oils.

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Feed Your Nerves


Feed Your Nerves


It's a stressful world out there. Take care of yourself! This blend is here to feed the mind, nerves and the heart.

Feed Your Nerves is an herbal mix herbs to help calm and nourish your nervous system. It has adaptogens like Nettles, Oatstraw, Milky oat tops, and Tulsi. Adaptogens help strengthen your body response to stress. Nettles and Oatstraw add vitamins and minerals to the tea mix. Overtime, Oatstraw and Milky oat tops nourish the nervous system. Tulsi is one of my favorite plants! Tasty and useful, Tulsi clears the mind and supports the brain.

I've added Lemon balm to cheer the spirit. Lemon balm's scientific name is Melissa officials and Mellisa means bees in Greek. The plant was placed near bee hives because bees loved the plant. Some mythology around Lemon balm. One says the plant gives us cheer and energy to bear the load of work like the bees going to and from the bee hive. A pinch of Rose is added to support the heart and as a calming nervine. They say Rose helps one keep their boundaries while still being emotionally involved in the world.

1 tablespoon herb per cup of water. Boil water, pour over plant mater, cover and steep for 30 minutes-2 hours. 4 cup a day for max. benefit.

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