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Providence, RI


Clove Orange Lip Balm


From teas to tinctures.  Candles to body oils.

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Clove Orange Lip Balm


Clove Orange Lip Balm


Fall is all about creating comfort and enjoying being outside before the harsh cold sets in. I love this time of year, the leaves are still on the trees but in brilliant colors. In thinking about Fall, I matched two flavors that reflect the nip of cold and the brightness of October; clover and orange. As with my other lip balms, the local honey makes these lip balms healing and moisturizing. Made with local honey/beeswax with local chemical free herbs.

I have grown my own food since I was a child, but in the past five years I've started growing my own medicinal herbs. I love the act of crafting, so I make my product from the ground up. All the calendula was grown by myself. The beeswax (and honey) that is in the lip balm is gathered by a beekeeper in Massachusetts and then I process it here in Providence. The coconut oil and essential oils are the only ingredients that are not from this area.

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