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Borealis Tea : A Winter Mood Support


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Borealis Tea : A Winter Mood Support


Borealis Tea : A Winter Mood Support


I love winter, but the lack of light can be trying. I drink this tea daily to support my health and my mood when the light is lacking and the temperatures are cold. This tea helps relax, strengthen and support the nervous and immune system. Just the thing to get through winter!

Astragalus is an herb that helps maintain health in the cold months. Oat Straw nourishes the nervous system, soothing to the body, and provides many vitamins and minerals. St. John's Wort is well known for its uplifting qualities. Not only does it support the nervous system, but it also supports the liver. To me, St. John's Wort is light. It blooms around the time of the summer solstice and when taken internally can make some people more photosensitive to the sun. It makes sense that this is the herb we should take during a time of little light. Ginger helps warm the body and aid digestion. Lastly, Lemon Balm is in the tea for flavor, cheerful nervine qualities and antiviral properties.

1 tablespoon of herbal blend to 1 cup of water, cover and steep for at least 30 minutes-overnight. 4 cups of infusion over the course of a day for medicinal benefits.

St. John's Wort should not be taken with any SSRI and a few other medications. Please contact your Dr. for any contraindications.

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