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Providence, RI


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Herbal Consultation

Rachel Playe holds Level I and Level II certificates from Farmacy Herbs in Providence, RI and has been studying herbalism for over 5 years.  People sign up for herbal consultations for various reasons.  To learn more about how to improve health, support certain body systems or to deal with a chronic issue.  As an herbalist, we do not treat a disease, rather look at your constitution (ex. tongue read) and concerns to see what herbs are a good match.  This is time to learn how to better support systems of the body.  Health is more than just taking herbs.  We will discuss lifestyle changes and nutrition plans in addition to a new herbal routine.  The consultation lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Within the week you're herbal blend will be ready for either pick up or mailing.  We'll catch up in a following 2 weeks to see how you are doing with the tea.

We can meet in person of on Skype.  

Cost for initial appointment is $45 with follow up appointments at $25.

Acute issues $30 for abbreviated consultations.

Any herbs, teas, tinctures or salves are to be bought once we have gone over your customized protocol.